Let’s Drink Water Everyday! But How Much We Should Drink?

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Water is a huge part of any creature in this world. Without water, it has no life anymore. We, as one of the creature in the world, human, need water to keep our body healthy. As we know, our body consists of 60% water.

We are constantly losing water every minute via sweat and urine. When we have to take out the water, our body needs the complimentary through drinking the water. It is one of the reasons why we need to drink enough water.

How Much Water Should Drink Per Day?

Have you heard about 8×8 rules? Many health authorities recommend drinking water for about 8-ounce glasses per day. It equals to half a gallon or 2 liters. It is called as 9×9 rules which can be easy to remember.

Then, the question is does it work for everybody? First, you need to know that everyone has different health experience. Certain health experience needs more water supply than the one who doesn’t have such as those health problems.

Some of you may be enough to drink 8-ounce glasses per day and some may don’t. To ensure your body keeps hydrated well, you can keep drinking water even it is more than the 8×8 rules.

When Is The Best Time to Drink Water?

When our body needs more water supplies, it can give a sign to us. Here are several ways to drink water:

  • When you feel thirsty

One of the signs which the body needs more water is by feeling thirsty. You need to pay attention to this sign. Many people thought that the sign of feeling thirsty is the same as the sign of feeling hungry. Thus, they prefer to eat something rather than drinking water.

To help you understand about the sign of feeling thirsty, you need to pay more attention to your body. Usually, the different sign of feeling thirsty and feeling hungry is in the stomach.

While there is a sign of feeling thirsty, your stomach will not feel so empty. It means your stomach will still full of food and all you need to have is drinking water, not eating something.

By knowing the differences sign of feeling thirsty and feeling hungry, you will realize that you need more water rather than foods. Just remember every time your body giving a sign to drink water, just take the water until the sign is gone.

Your body will tell you how much you drink water every time the sign is up. All you have to do is paying more attention to this sign often. It will help you so much more to keep your body hydrated. Just stop it when your body feels it has enough water.

  • When you do exercise

Every time you do exercises, you must drink water. The meaning of water here is mineral water, not the other types of water such as coffee, tea, or something like that. You need to know that the other types of drinking water didn’t give you significant water supplies.

They consist of the other supplements which are needed by the body. Then, it is not giving enough water supplies for the body. Thus, while you do exercise, it is so much better if you take mineral water instead of the other types of drinking water.

What kind of exercises which require drinking more water? Every time you do something which produces more sweat such as dancing, cooking, running, and others. Thus, exercises here don’t focus on certain activities. Every time you move so much, drink more water too.

By drinking water, it helps you to keep being focus on what you do now and will not get tired easily. However, you need your brain to keep on while doing something, do you?

In conclusion, the best answer to how much you should drink water per day depends on the person itself. To help you know how many the water supplies that you need to fill up is by asking it to the doctor.

The doctor will help you to figure out the exact number of water you need to drink each day. Then, you just need to follow what the doctor recommends to keep your body hydrated.